Fetching graphQL queries

Fetching graphQL queries

How to fetch data from graphQL without having to use libraries such as apollo

Install http module

npm install @nuxt/httporyarn add @nuxt/http

Add it to the nuxt config

module.exports = {  modules: ['@nuxt/http']}

create a plugin

pass in destructured $http and env from context

use inject method to inject our plugin so we can use it across our app

create a variable called $hasura which uses $http using the create helper and pass in the prefixUrl of our api which we can store as an env Variable

set headers for hasura admin secret if needed

inject the key of hasura with the value of $hasura using the $post method and binding our hasura variable


export default function ({ $http, env }, inject) {  const $hasura = $http.create({    prefixUrl: env.API_HASURA_URL  })  inject('hasura', $hasura.$post.bind($hasura, ''))}

Add your endpoint as env variable


export default {  env: {    API_HASURA_URL: 'https://debbie-codes.herokuapp.com/v1/graphql'  }}

import graphql and print so it prints the query


import gql from 'graphql-tag'import { print } from 'graphql/language/printer'

make your query using gpl tag

query the table and fields you want to show


const QUERY = gql`  query {    workshops(order_by: { date: desc }) {      name      topic    }  }`

use asyncData passing in the destructured app from context

create a variable called data which awaits the function that we created in our plugin which we have access to using app

pass in the query which will print our query

return our data


async asyncData({ app }) {    const { data } = await app.$hasura({      query: print(QUERY)    })    return {      workshops: data.workshops    }  },

use our data in the template


<ul v-for="(workshop, index) in workshops" :key="index">    <li>{{workshop.name}}: {{workshop.topic}}</li></ul>